Dreadful Delights: Episode 1: Hollywood‘s New Blood


Happy Halloween everybody! Here at the Bad Taste Buds studio, October is spooky season! And boy have we got some DREADFUL DELIGHTS coming your way…get it?

This month we’re watching the crappest of the crap. Scouring the bottom of the bargain bin to find bafflingly bad horror films that make my heart fill with joy.

This week on Dreadful Delights Episode 1. Take a trip with Liam, Ryan, and our acting coach…err… let’s call him Dave. As we find out what it takes to be Hollywood’s New Blood! We find out what makes 80s horror so easily rip-off-able and we reveal this movie’s real villain…the foley guy.

Honestly though guys – this movie is great. It’s also free on YouTube so like…what’s your excuse? 

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