Episode 12: Godzilla (1998)



The year is 1998 – the world lives in peace and harmony – safe in the knowledge that Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin are two of Hollywood’s most creative, explosive, and exciting new filmmakers. Matthew Broderick is riding a high from the cult classic ‘The Cable Guy’ and Hank Azaria was still known to most as Moe Szyslak…

But there is something in the Hudson river…something….big? 

That’s right folks, buckle up as the Bad Taste Buds throw hands with the least intimidating Godzilla you’ll ever see! Who’ll win? Us – we will – we’re gonna win…

Episode 11.5: Aftertaste – The Bad Taste Buds VS. The Mockbuster


You’ve tried the best – now try the rest…

Welcome – every one – to the world of Mockbusters. Have you ever wondered what life would have been like if your parents didn’t love you enough to take you to the cinema. Well, you’re about to as Liam and Ryan take a nosedive into the world of the Hollywood Rip-Off.

Trains, Nightmare planes, and…choir practice. Boy, do we have the episode for you. Listen as the lads slowly descent into madness on our longest (we’re sorry) episode yet.

…and don’t ever…ever…ever ask us to do it again.

Episode 11.5: Mac And Me


Do you like E.T? Do you like meth? Do you think E.T would be made so much better if he was a meth head addict with a penchant for gaslighting children, eating far too much fast food, and being an already hideous skinsuited monstrosity…then have we got a film for you.

A classic best/worst this week – the Buds uncover the history behind one of Hollywood’s most iconic ripoffs – Mac and Me – made famous by Ant-Man himself – this film was a timeless classic waiting to be discovered long before Paul Rudd started trolling Conan.

Make sure you buy yourself a nice refreshing Coca-Cola, a bag of skittles, and a meaty, juicy Big Mac Meal as we sit down to watch…CAPITALISM: THE MOVIE…


Episode 10.5: Aftertaste – Thirteen Ghosts (1960) & Listener Questions


This week on Aftertaste Liam and Ryan take a trip to the 1960s to explore William Castle’s original Thirteen Ghosts – a film forgotten to the annals of history. 

We discuss 90s horror, remakes vs originals, and answer all of your Thirteen Ghosts-related questions on another spine-chillingly stupid episode of Aftertaste.

Episode 10: Thirteen Ghosts


What’s worse than being stuck in a house with 1 ghost? 

This week on the Bad Taste Buds Liam and Ryan take Hannah, Jack, and guest host Tom back to 2001 to re-evaluate what is easily one of the most misread and unfairly maligned horror movies of all times.

Make sure you pack your spectral viewers along with a proverbial shitload of nostalgia as we join the likes of Shannon Elizabeth, Tony Shalhoub and everybody’s favorite 90’s funny man Matthew mother*cking Lillard in this incredible slice of early noughties fun.

Leave your inhibitions at the door ’cause this movie is made for those of us with nothin’ but Bad Taste…

Episode 9.5: Aftertaste – Avatar: The Last Airbender (The Series)


Join the Bad Taste Buds as we take one more deep dive into the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender…I won’t lie this episode is Hannah, Ryan, and Jack spending 40 minutes geeking out over what is admittedly probably the coolest Nickelodeon show of all time.

We discuss our favorite episodes, our favorite characters, and why nothing bearing this show’s name has ever quite lived up to the first three seasons of this seminal series.

We were going to include our listener questions on this episode but due to the length we rattled on we’ve decided to post these separately on our Instagram page. If you’re not already following us there you can find us at @badtastebudspod for loads more content. 

Episode 9: The Last Airbender


Water, Earth, Fire, Air – long ago the four nations lived in harmony…but all that changed when M. Night Shyamalan attacked.

We did it, guys! We finally did it…we found the worst movie. We found the ‘I would hesitate to even call this a movie’….movie. I know we say on the weekly that these films hurt but this is something special. For a multitude of reasons. First, of which – is it’s based on one of the most beloved animated series of all time in ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ and second, I was rooting for you M. Night – we were all rooting for you!

If you’re a total sadist with no respect for your own sanity why not join us as we delve into the world of soulless CGI Bison, uncomfortably whitewashed heroes, and…bending? Maybe? I don’t know if we can legally call what they do in this movie bending but – hey ho!


Episode 8.5: Aftertaste – Catwoman – A History & Listener Questions


Join Liam & Ryan this week as we journey back to 1960s camp television and dissect one of the caped crusaders’ longest-running foils (and romances) This week on Aftertaste we’re talking all about Catwoman. From her hyper campy TV origins to the modern, realistic incarnations. 

We talk about how they rank in our personal opinions, why the character has endured for so long, and who we would cast as our ‘perfect Catwoman’

We also dive deep into the Bad Taste Bud listener question bag and pull out your superhero-related questions for the very first installment of listener questions.

Episode 8: Catwoman


Crack that whip!

Tuna in for this week’s cat-a-strophic film review…as the Bad Taste Buds do a full paw-topsy on the 2004 car crash that was Halle Berry’s Catwoman.

Strap into your full leather gimp suit as we enter the uncomfortably sexy world of  BDSM anti-heroes. Watch at the majesty of CGI cats that are SOMEHOW still more realistic than the demon spawn of Tom Hooper’s Cats. Marvel at attempt at femenism from the perspective of ridiculously misguided men…

…yeah this was a rough one.

Episode 7.5: Aftertaste – The Twisted Mind of Richard Kelly


Wake up, Donnie! 

This week the Bad Taste Buds take a trip down memory lane and discuss the timeless cult classic Donnie Darko – the film that got Liam into films – and The Box – the film that almost took him right back out again.

We discuss themes of censorship, editing, cult status, and much more on this riveting installment of aftertaste.