Borders: The Scottish Journals #1

The Scottish Journals is a series of poetry and non-fiction prose that accounts my experiences on the NC500 and The Isle of Skye. The arrangement is non-linear and disjointed – meant to be experienced rather than understood. – Michael The Poet

Were there ever – here – an ocean as wide?
Rushing through streams of ochre and jade
flood the forest and running through fields –
where night is slow – and suffocates
the air around us.

I am in love with loving you.
I breath in the salt and treasure the tide
as the sea falls dark into velvet blue
and we sail lovingly
into the arms of sleep.

And yet we wake, and yet we wonder
on all this weight in our bones –
eyes like fire – heavy on the ground
and we are the end of a dying sun
collapsing under the weight of starlight.

We live and we die –
by the air of tonight.
We forget our pain, by morning light.
For tonight, we were simply made to be –
etched in the fabric of the sky.

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