Episode 7: Southland Tales


…welcome to 2009 – join the Bad Taste Buds as we travel through a rift in the very fabric of space and time just so we can figure out what the hell is going on in this mixed-up masterpiece.

Listen as Liam tried to defend yet another car crash that most people agree is a garbage fire – and recall in horror as you step into a world run by porn stars, shady European corporations, and … Dwayne ‘Not the Rock’ Johnson.

Step straight into Richard Kelly’s own Orwellian nightmare in this 2.5hr rollercoaster into the fragmented mind of our most underappreciated auteur. 

Episode 6.5: Aftertaste – Batman: A History


Venture once more into the crime-ridden streets of Gotham City with The Bad Taste Buds and their very own Dark Knight Greg Wilson (The Bear Hug Club Podcast).

Listen as Podcast history is made and Liam takes a back seat for once to let Ryan, Jack and Greg educate him and Hannah on all things Batman. From comics to TV shows to bat shark repellent – they know it all. 


Episode 6: Batman & Robin


Deep in the seedy underbelly of Gotham City. Five mildly knowledgeable film geeks lurk in the shadows – every vigilant, always watching…protecting the people of this once great city from the biggest threat that our society has ever know….rubber bat nipples. 

This week the Bad Taste Buds are joined by our very first guest host with Greg Wilson – founder of The Bear Hug Club Pod – and this week it’s nothing but bat nipples, ice puns, ice puns, and….more…ice puns.

It’s Batman & Robin guys and we f***ing loved it!

5.5 The Wicker Man 1973


Return to a world of druids and dread as the Bad Taste Buds take one…final…trip to the mysterious Sumersisle in this week’s breakdown of Robin Hardy’s timeless cult classic ‘The Wicker Man’.

Join us as we dissect the core differences between this horror classic and its….less than classic counterpart. Indulge in the best British folk horror musical this side of Anna & the Apocalypse.  So, with all that said and done – grab your rune stones, pack an overnight bag and ignore that faint smell of smoke that lingers in the distance because it’s time…once again…to face The Wicker Man!

Episode 5: The Wicker Man (2006)


Venture into a world of sex, paganism, phalluses, and … bees as the Bad Taste Buds take an unscheduled trip to Summerisle with trash cinema royalty Nicolas (Not the Bees) Cage.

Enjoy your stay. Meet the locals. Burn a man alive in a towering 40ft effigy. The possibilities are endless. But whatever you do, please refrain from investigating the disappearance of missing girl Rowan Woodward – it’ll only end in disaster.

Find out what the Bad Taste Buds thought of what is often considered the most misguided horror remake of all time. 

Episode 4.5: A Dungeons & Dragons Adventure: Part I


Join dungeon master Jack as he leads the rest of the Bad Taste Buds through a whirlwind adventure through dark forests, dangerous dungeons, and into an all our war.

Today on a very special episode of the Bad Taste Buds we take a break from reviewing bad movies to bring you Part I of a Dungeons and Dragons playthrough.

We hope you’ll join us on this heroes quest and we hope you brought your lucky dice.

Episode 4: Dungeons & Dragons


Grab a D20, prepare your spell slots for the day and take the quest to discover just what the hell happened to Dungeons & Dragons (2000).

The Empire of Izmir awaits – as does dreadful acting, piss-poor CGI, a densely convoluted narrative, and, worst of all, Marlon fucking Waynes.

If you liked Lord of the Rings but hated the interesting character development, the luscious visuals, and the staggering world-building – then boy have we got a movie for you… 

Episode3.5: Aftertaste – Cats 1981


Cats! Again!? Liam and Ryan finally put this feral kitty to sleep with our final retrospective on the 1981 version of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats. 

How does this one stack up in comparison to the movie? In short – fewer hell beasts, still as grossly over-sexual. 

Check out our thoughts and listen as we lose our minds once more in the world of the Jellicles. 

Episode 3: Cats


Oh wow…this was a tough one!
Join the Bad Taste Buds this week as they venture into the furthest reaches of hell to join in the Jellicle festivities in this week’s retrospective on Tom Hooper’s 2019 trainwreck…Cats.

There’s signing, there’s dancing, there’s ritual sacrifice, there are mice with the faces of sickly children photoshopped onto them…it’s all a bit much.

We suffered for your entertainment this week so please…won’t you join us as we explore just what went wrong with this much-malinged movie. 

Episode 2.5: Aftertaste – You Don’t Nomi


This week on Aftertaste – the gang takes an in-depth look at the legacy of Nomi Malone post ‘Showgirls’ in the 2019 documentary ‘You Don’t Nomi’. This fascinating film takes us behind the scenes of the infamous 90s disaster – giving us a detailed insight into the fandom, the careers of the cast and crew, and how the last 20+ years have shaped the critical reception to this film. It’s a movie and we’d love for you to come and watch it with us…