Episode 4: Dungeons & Dragons


Grab a D20, prepare your spell slots for the day and take the quest to discover just what the hell happened to Dungeons & Dragons (2000).

The Empire of Izmir awaits – as does dreadful acting, piss-poor CGI, a densely convoluted narrative, and, worst of all, Marlon fucking Waynes.

If you liked Lord of the Rings but hated the interesting character development, the luscious visuals, and the staggering world-building – then boy have we got a movie for you… 

Episode3.5: Aftertaste – Cats 1981


Cats! Again!? Liam and Ryan finally put this feral kitty to sleep with our final retrospective on the 1981 version of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats. 

How does this one stack up in comparison to the movie? In short – fewer hell beasts, still as grossly over-sexual. 

Check out our thoughts and listen as we lose our minds once more in the world of the Jellicles. 

Episode 3: Cats


Oh wow…this was a tough one!
Join the Bad Taste Buds this week as they venture into the furthest reaches of hell to join in the Jellicle festivities in this week’s retrospective on Tom Hooper’s 2019 trainwreck…Cats.

There’s signing, there’s dancing, there’s ritual sacrifice, there are mice with the faces of sickly children photoshopped onto them…it’s all a bit much.

We suffered for your entertainment this week so please…won’t you join us as we explore just what went wrong with this much-malinged movie. 

Episode 2.5: Aftertaste – You Don’t Nomi


This week on Aftertaste – the gang takes an in-depth look at the legacy of Nomi Malone post ‘Showgirls’ in the 2019 documentary ‘You Don’t Nomi’. This fascinating film takes us behind the scenes of the infamous 90s disaster – giving us a detailed insight into the fandom, the careers of the cast and crew, and how the last 20+ years have shaped the critical reception to this film. It’s a movie and we’d love for you to come and watch it with us…

Episode 2: Showgirls


Join the guys over at Bad Taste Buds as Paul Verhoven gives us an education in sin, sex, sabotage and Doggy Chow?
The 1995, Showgirls, follows the thrilling rollercoaster that is Nomi Malone as she struggles to make it big in the adult entertainment industry.
Put on your skimpiest outfit, apply your best acrylics and drown yourself in glitter as we watch the goddess, Nomi Malone, storm the stage at the glamorous Stardust Pleasure Palace.

Episode 1.5: Aftertaste – Best/Worst Movie


Liam and Ryan take time out from their busy schedule of watching shitty movies to watch something genuinely good.

Set 18 years after the release of Troll 2. Best/Worst Movie follows the cast and crew on a journey to discover what made Troll 2 so magical, so beloved and so deliciously bad.

This exceptional documentary may not change the way you feel about Troll 2…but it will certainly enhance it. 

I Take My Writing on the Road

I take my writing on the road
to show her all that I’ve loved.

To hold her in my arms – at night
as the sky around us falls
into ribbons of light –
heavy still – upon the ground.

I take my writing to the sea
when the sea is all I know.

We swim in the light of the moon
drinking wine with the angels
in the solemnity of night –
hungry for tomorrow.

I take my writing to the edge
where the land is one with the waves.

I bury her in sand
neck deep – eyes wide
where time, leaves us still
and all that’s broken – becomes new.

I take my writing on the road
to show her all that I have loved.

Time goes to waste – as night round her blooms
and all I can see – are these visions of you
out on the road – the life and the will
where the soul of the nomad – is heavier still.